About the project

Elixinol is a company that manufactures and produces CBD Hemp oil for use in medical cannabis industries with over 25 years of experience. Their CBD products aid in the regulation of sleep, stress responses, pain management, immune system functions, and more.

Elixinol takes pride in being a select member of a niche group of CBD brands certified by the U.S. Hemp Administration, a preeminent authority in hemp industry quality control.

What we worked on

Elixinol sought to bolster its customer support team to enhance service quality and minimize wait times. Partnering with Resolvio, our objective was to ensure swift scalability of our team to maintain peak efficiency and adaptability to varying workloads.

The result has been a marked improvement in the quality of customer service, with a focus on rapid and efficient processing of customer requests.

Key demands

Connecting with each client and building trust

Effective communication and the ability to have clear conversations with clients in their own language

Comprehensive knowledge of the client's entire product line

Understanding and meeting individual client needs, fostering trust, and delivering tailored solutions


At Resolvio, we've set up flexible schedules to make sure our customer support is accessible around the clock, 24/7. We've implemented streamlined processes that cover administrative tasks, order management, as well as incoming and outgoing calls.

Our deep understanding of our products equips us to handle a high volume of customer inquiries effectively. Thanks to these improvements, our response time has surged by an impressive 43%, and, as a result, customer satisfaction levels have seen a significant boost.


From 90% to 97% Improved Customer Satisfaction Ratings

20% Increase in Sales Conversion Rate

15% – Reduction of Cost Savings in Service

29% Decrease in Customer Issues

120% Return on Investment (ROI)

25% Increase in Customer Retention Rate


Our experience collaborating with Resolvio has been outstanding. Their professional team significantly improved our customer support operations. With their help, we've seen a substantial reduction in response time, an increase in customer satisfaction, and more efficient order processing.

Their commitment to excellence has truly enhanced our business.