About the project

The VELTUFF® brand delivers workwear tailored to real-world demands. Their collections encompass a variety of choices, from durable workwear to high-visibility apparel, safety footwear, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

In terms of workflow, VELTUFF® is:

A dedicated team of  200+ professionals across Europe.

Operating through 12 offices in 7 countries.

Processing over 1,000 orders each day.

What we worked on

A worldwide online retailer partnered with Resolvio to establish a customer contact center. This center tasked agents with offering customer guidance, managing orders, coordinating deliveries, and offering warranty and service support.

Our objective was to ensure that a minimum 30% of sales came through the inbound line.

Key demands

Ability to efficiently manage a high influx of inquiries

Adeptness in product knowledge, including technical intricacies

Proficiency in navigating and explaining warranty and service terms

Competence in addressing a diverse range of customer requests

Expertise in handling a substantial request load

A comprehensive grasp of the product's technical specifications

In-depth knowledge of warranty and service policies and conditions


Coordinating deliveries

Providing expert product quality advice

Resolving intricate order-related issues

Offering warranty and service consultations

Assisting in selecting suitable alternatives if the desired item is unavailable

Processing orders and delivering status updates


From 85% to 92% Improved Customer Satisfaction Ratings

25% Increase in Sales Conversion Rate

20% – Reduction in Service Costs

15% of Reduced Excess on Inventory Optimization

37% Reduction in Customer Complaints

150% Return on Investment (ROI)

12% Increase in Customer Retention Rate


Our experience working with Resolvio has been nothing short of exceptional. Their professional and efficient team not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way. Our customers have noticed the improvement in service quality, and we've seen a substantial increase in customer satisfaction.

Resolvio's expertise has undoubtedly added significant value to our business.